The Future of Global Connectivity

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Connect, manage and control your devices and industrial processes

Innovation and Global connectivity have been at the core of our existence from the very beginning. Whether it's about remotely connecting, managing or controlling devices or industrial processes, we have the capabilities to solve it for you globally, as well as locally.

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Pioneer in technology

UROS' eSIM ecosystem and unique M2M platform provide global connectivity for Roaming and IoT solutions. Our award-winning technology is developed in-house and holds several patents.

Delivering connectivity in co-operation with industry experts

Our connectivity services are always delivered in accordance with the GSMA requirements and in co-operation with selected carriers and M2M suppliers.

Turnkey connectivity solutions for people, devices and processes

Industrial IoT

UROS Smart Process Management enables remote monitoring and management of industrial processes, through connected devices and smart sensors.

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Roaming App for OEMs

Global data services for OEMs’ mobile devices embedded in the device software. The app is fast to implement and has been developed according to industry standards.

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Connectivity for Business and Consumer

Global Goodspeed 4G Mobile Broadband offers high-speed, low-cost and secure mobile data roaming, wherever you travel in the world.

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